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The Haynes International Motor Museum acquires material by donation or purchase, relating to the social and industrial history of the motor vehicle including motor cars, motor cycles, commercial and military vehicles from all nations that have or have had motorised transport manufacturing capabilities. Motor vehicles are not normally taken on loan but items that have a particular historic value may, at the discretion of the trustees, be taken on loan for a specific period.


The museum is aware of the collecting policy of the Museum Services of Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire and Gloucester and any other related museums in the area and will endeavour to co-operate with those services in the acquisition of material.


The museum is not able to accept every item that is offered for the collection.


The museum should not collect any items that it cannot adequately store or care for.


The museum will not generally accept items that are in poor condition and likely to deteriorate further.


The museum will not accept items that duplicate items already held in the collection unless they are in significantly better condition, are historically more important or have better provenance.


The museum will not generally accept items if they carry special conditions or restrictive covenants.


The decision to accept an item for the museum can only be made by the Chairman of the Trustees or by the Trustees at a full trustee meeting. The Curator may also make the decision to accept as a gift, memorabilia and minor items.


The museum is actively seeking those items that are under-represented in the existing collection; those items are listed at appendix A.


This policy can only be changed at a trustee meeting with the Chairman of the Trustees present, by a majority of at least two thirds of all the trustees.


This policy will be reviewed at appropriate stages in the development of the museum. 


Appendix A - for consideration:

Ford Corvair

Can Am car

60s - 70s F1 cars

Pre 1900 De Dion-Bouton

Petter or Hill & Boll, car or memorabilia(Cars of South West origin)

Holden (Win Percy)

Invicta 4.5 litre or Black Prince


Lambert (USA 1891 or 1904-1917)

Edwardian Electric Car

Moskvitch or Zil (car of Russian origins)

Volvo Amazon


Borguard Isabella



Jaguar SS100 as restoration project if suitable.


For further information on our donating policy please call +44 (0)1963 440 804.