Educational visits to the Motor Museum


School visits


School trips and key stage programmes

The Haynes International Motor Museum is endowed as an educational charitable trust, no: 292048. A visit to the collection will undoubtedly add to your knowledge of motor transport as you peruse the exhibits and read the descriptors and boards that surround them but there are other educational packages available from the museum education department.


Central to the educational commitment of the museum are the 5 Key Stage offerings to schools and sixth form colleges. Based on history, science, technology, design and sociology and using the museum exhibits as the major resource, lesson plans can be tailored to suit the required needs of the curriculum and we can also, using the museum as a resource, give car rides to all ages as an optional extra.  This added activity helps children experience, perhaps for the first time, what it is like to ride in a car without seatbelts! – All our activities are fully risk assessed.  Full details of our educational visits can be obtained in the Museum Education pack, click here to download……….


Other courses are available and the curator would be happy to discuss these with you. Please contact the museum education department on +44 (0)1963 442797 for further information.