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Chevrolet Corvette’s 65th Birthday

12th Feb 2018

Chevrolet’s ‘Corvette’ was first introduced in 1953 and celebrates its 65th birthday in 2018.

The Corvette was the idea of General Motor’s Head of Design (later Vice President),   Harvey Earl, who wished to offer America something to compete with Jaguar’s impressive XK120.  The first Corvettes were not a success; the car was rather crude and underpowered for American tastes.  Interestingly, though, it was the first volume-produced car in the US to be made of fibreglass.

It was not until GM replaced the 6 cylinder engine for its new V8 in 1956 that buyers began to take serious notice and the manufacturer only made a profit on the Corvette from 1960 in which year production passed 10,000.

Despite its somewhat disappointing debut, history has been most kind to Chevrolet’s Corvette and it is one of America’s most famous and cherished sporting cars.

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