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Bournemouth University Students Use Museum for Documentary Film Project

12th Dec 2017

On Tuesday 5th December we were pleased to welcome a group of students from Bournemouth University’s Faculty of Media and Communication.  Keridwen Boulay, Sam Clayton, Eoin Moylan, Daniel Foley, Millie Owen and Conor Spence were filming material for their documentary project on their chosen subject of the British car industry and its past, present and future.  The inspiration for the project stems from Conor and Sam’s love of classic British motor cars of which both have first-hand experience as Conor runs a 1972 MGB GT and Sam a 2000 Rover Mini Cooper Sport 500.

Curator Matt Piper worked with the group and was filmed talking about the collection’s 1976 Triumph Stag (collected within the Memory Lane exhibition), 1965 E Type Jaguar and 1967 Lotus Elan (both collected within the Great British Marques exhibition).  All three of these cars, and their marques, can be regarded as true British classics and continue to be as desirable today as they were when first produced.   

We very much look forward to seeing the fruits of the group’s labours and hope they achieve high marks for their work.