We wanted to let you know that we all had a great day on Sunday and even the sun came out for us.

We met up with Matt and Bill bright and early and they were extremely helpful all morning.

As expected when the suns out, the whole site filled up quite quickly, so we were grateful for the use of the track parking.

I did speak to the ladies in the Cafe and thanked them for taking on the extra visitors; they said that the last 2 breakfast mornings had been quiet, really due to the weather, so it was nice to see the place so busy again.

They were great at having 2 lines open in the cafe, and there was never any sign of running out of wonderful food.

We’ve had some great feedback from a lot of the car club members that attended, and Haynes has proved to be a very popular venue for us to be able to get 4 separate club sections in one place.

We’d love to come back again at some time; I know it would be easier for you if that wasn’t on a scheduled Breakfast Meet day, but a lot of people said it was good to have all the other classics and marques on site at the same time.

I know quite a few us went round the museum; your poor staff must have wondered when you were going to get rid of us, as some of us on the front lawn didn’t go until nearly 4 in the afternoon.

What a difference in visitors at 10am and at 4pm !!

Tim, our Wessex Section chairman wanted me to say particular thanks to Matt.

He said that Matt was grateful for us mixing with non-BMW’s on the track, but we were your guests and only happy to do so.

We ended up with quite a few non-club BMW’s happy to see us at the museum and joining us in the parking areas.

By the way, we reckoned we had in excess of 50 club cars plus some on the day “guests”.

I’m sure we will be in touch again, and it’s encouraged some who have never been to Haynes to want to visit again.

Again, thanks to all those involved for making it a memorable day.

BMW Car Club - Wessex Section for BMW’s centenary