I attended this Sunday's car meet at the museum and wanted to convey my admiration for a job well done. It was my first visit to the museum and as a classic car enthusiast I had a great day. 

As a side note, I recently completed a nut and bolt restoration on one of my cars. A classic 29 year old RS Ford. It is fair to say that without the support of my trusted Haynes manual I would not have been able to complete the car to such a standard. The manual proved to be my guiding light throughout the restoration which made an arguably daunting task for an enthusiastic self builder all the more palatable and enjoyable. Should the museum ever have a need to display a 1980's RS Ford I would be delighted to offer the use of my car together with the manual I used to restore her back to her former glory. 

Haynes Breakfast Club - Alex Bennett from Torquay, Devon