1957 Jaguar Mk VIII Saloon

After World War Two, Jaguar, in common with other motor manufacturers, endeavoured to produce and market exciting new models. At this time export revenue especially from the US was vitually important to Great Britain's economy.

Development work began on a new flagship saloon to replace the pre-war design before the end of hostilities.  The chassis developed for the Mark VII - IX range, first appeared in the Mark V.

The Mark V looked very similar to the pre-war design and was intended as a stopgap model.  This allowed Jaguar to tread water until the introduction of its first true post-war offering, the Mark VII in 1950, with its promise of modern styling and marvellous new 3442cc XK engine.

Starting with the Mark VIII, the majority of big Jaguars were sold with a dual colour scheme, the darker colour usually over the lighter one.