A Celebration of Morgan

Morgan is one of the most unique automotive stories of a company that developed essentially only two vehicle styles – a three wheeler and a four wheeler, which have stayed true to their origins after a century more so than any other motor vehicle in production.

 Morgan owners exhibition

What is it about a Morgan that makes customers so loyal, demand so consistent and a brand so stubborn to outside pressures and influences (until most recently!).
The Haynes International Motor Museum ‘Celebration of Morgan at 110’ using the cars and artefacts will attempt to answer the question – What is about a Morgan?
More details regarding the event will be announced shortly. Alternatively, please join us on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates and behind the scenes. This event is included within your admission ticket, which can be purchased in advance online below.


*Please note that the exhibition end date has changed from the date that was originally advertised in our 2019 leaflet. The exhibition will end on 10 January 2020.