Are we there yet?

It’s time to pack a picnic and join us for a nostalgic journey of summer holiday makers past! Whats on Somerset

‘Are We There Yet?’ is a nostalgic journey following the route holidaymakers have taken along the A303 heading west to the sun for seaside holidays. Charting the 1930s fashion for motor touring to the day-trippers of the 1960s, the exhibition is inspired by the family favourite ‘I-Spy On The Road’ book. We are bringing together vibrant artwork from Shell, hardy vehicles used by the patrolmen of the AA and RAC and the ever memorable Ford Cortina Mk1 in our celebration of the rolling countryside and traffic jams of summer holidays heading west.

With a range of activities for all ages you’ll be able to compare the traditions of holidaymakers past and present, exploring the why’s, the where’s and the how’s along the way.
There so much to do including posing for selfies in the vintage holiday scene and a spotter guide to take home, and after exploring the rest of the Museum, with its display of over 400 cars and bikes, you can enjoy an ice-cream from the Café 750 and head to the outdoor play area with coin operated kids go-karts, soft play area and an interactive garage and mini road system.


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